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The idea for North Sea Surf Radio was born on May 1st 2013 and the station launched on September 1st 2013. The station was founded by Niels Jansen, drummer of Hollands premier surfband The Phantom Four, follow up to the legendary 90´s band The Treble Spankers. The band is also responsible for the annual North Sea Surf Festival, the most important surf music festival in Northwestern Europe since 2010. 


North Sea Surf Radio is a commercial free radiostation funded by The Phantom Four, various sponsors and listener donations. The mission of North Sea Surf Radio is to make good quality surf music freely available worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



North Sea Surf Radio

Trompetboomhof 14

1112GH, Diemen

The Netherlands




North Sea Surf Radio is made possible by the efforts of the following volunteers:


Niels Jansen - Station Manager, Program Director, Marketing & PR


Eddy Luca - Music Director (Classic Surf and 1st Surf Revival)


Jonpaul Balak - Music Director (2nd Surf Revival)


Janice Elaine Williams - English Station Voice


Fernando Pardo - Spanish Station Voice


Mathijs Heukeroth - Chief Sound Engineer


Phantom Frank - Guitar Snippets for Radio Imaging


Rob Korver - Chef d'electrique


Julien Pierre - Webdesign


and our devoted worldwide dj team:


Alan Taylor @ Pipeline Magazine (UK)

Caleb Franco @ Lost Acapulco (Mexico)

Clint Beachwood @ A Day At The Beach (USA)

Eddy Luca @ Surin's Back Again (NL)

Eloy Rubio Bravo @ Ruta66 (Spain)

Jeff Hanson @ Surf Guitar 101 Convention (USA)

Jesper Grud @ El Ray (Denmark)

Joan Cholby @ Lost Acapulco (Mexico)

Jon Fagg @ Hangnine (UK )

Jonpaul Balak @ SurfGuitar 101 (US)

Jorge Izquierdo @ The Panteras (Spain)

Kilian Gilberg @ The Hicadoolas (Germany)

Lars Sveistrup Hansen @ El Ray (Denmark)

Leopoldo Furtado @ Reverb Brasil (Brasil)

Letty Galagher @ The Fratcave (UK)

Mike Papageorgiou @ Green Cookie Records (Greece)

Niels Jansen @ The Phantom Four (NL)

Ralf Hermanutz @ The Kilaueas (Germany)



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