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Jeff "Bigtikidude" Hanson has been an extreme Surf music fan since 1996, when seeing a live performance by Insect Surfers changed his life forever.  Known internationally with an extensive music collection and Surf concert attendance record, Bigtikidude rallies the Surf music community together with his constant encouragement and support. Since 2004 he has assisted with organizing the "Surfin' Sundays" concert series at the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum, and for the past seven years he has produced one of the largest and most important annual Surf music events in the world, the Surf Guitar 101 Convention. Also he has been DJIng at tiki events all over So. Cal.  and sitting in on friends radio shows.

Big Tikidude

Halloween Top 13

1.  Vampiro - Satan’s Pilgrims
2. Banshee Beach - The Ghastly Ones 
3. Night of the Ghouls - The Dynotones 
4. Tiki Curse - The Verbtones
5. Creep Course - Gein and the Graverobbers
6. Cheatin Charlie - Golden Zombies 
7. Invasion of the V people - The Varatones
8. Underworld - Planet Seven
9. Demon Surf - The Mariners 
10. Monster Surfing Time - The Deadly Ones 
11. Dr.  Guillotine - The Coffin Daggers
12. Black Sabbath - Thee Swank Bastards 
13. Zombie Harem - Daikaiju

1 The Victor - Dick Dale

2 Misirlou (live) - Bobby Fuller Four 

3 Crash - The Creations

4 El Gato - The Chandells

5 Movin' - The Astronauts

6 Monsoon - The Chantays

7 Let There Be Surf - The Chevels

8 Bullwinkle pt. 2 - The Centurions 

9 Banzai Washout - The Catalinas

10 Bangalore - The Blazers

11 Unknown - The Vydells

12 Samoa - The Beachcombers

13 Gypsy Surfer - The Avantis

14 Earthquake - Aki Aleong and the Nobles

15 Tube City - The Trashmen

Classic Surf Top 15

Surf Revival Top 15

The personal Top 15 will be announced

in the Surf Revival Special by Big Tikidude on November 16th during his show "Tube City".

Show: Tube City

Airs: Sundays 1PM PST / 3PM CST / 4PM EST / 22:00 CET

Reruns: Wednesdays 7PM PST / 9PM CST / 10PM EST

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