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Caleb Pilgrim (Franco) is a Mexico City based musician and DJ. He is the bassplayer for Lost Acapulco, Mexico’s most influential surf band, and for Los Infierno, a prominent garage punk band. Also the guitarist for Cuarto Gangsters 4, a Puebla based surf band, Caleb has enjoyed success in Mexico and abroad, regularly touring Europe, the USA and Asia. He has recorded more than 15 albums and collaborated with renowned musicians such as Danny Amis of Los Straight Jackets, and with Gary Girffin recording the album Mexican Chili Taco Fiesta. Other music projects include Los Twangers, Los Gordos and Los Marabuntas, and he was the guest base player for Los Twang Marvels on their 2008 European tour. 

Caleb Pilgrim

01. Surf Buggy- Bang Mustang

02. New wave - The Tormentos

03. Lovers Lane- Hungtinton Cads

04. Wrong Planet- Los straitjackets

05. San Andreas fault- The Volcanos

06. Camino a Varadero-The Cavernarios

07. You only live twice- The Sprague Brothers

08. Donna Misteriosa-Husky and the Sandmen

09. Cannon Ball-Los Twang Marvels

10. Rourke- Cuatro Gangters 4

11. Sloth in Molasses-The Phantom Surfers

12. A 1000 Dollar Ride-Moe Green specials

13. Playa de los Muertos-The Bomboras

14. 5000 Light Years Away From Digit Zero- Chewbacca's

15. Viva Del Santo- Southern Culture on the Skids


01. Take it off - dick dale

02. The Mexican – The Fentones

03. Tema para jóvenes enamorados - Los Belkings

04. Sleep walk - santo & johnny Farina

05. Black sand Beach - Yuzo Kayama

06. Rumble - Link Wray

07. Brasil - Los iracundos

08. Vaara - The strangers

09. Dill Pickle Rag - The Savages

10. Fugitive - Jan Davis

11. Jack the Ripper - Surfaris

12. Point Panic - Jerry Cole and the Marksmen

13. Stick shift - the Trashmen

14. Moondawg - The Rhythm Rockers

15. Pink panter - Henrry Mancini

Latin American Top 10

Surf Revival Top 15

Classic Surf Top 15

1. The Galaxy Trio - In the Harem

2. Los Straitjackets- "Uterly Fantastic and Totally

    Unbeleavable Sound of…"

3. Los Twang! Marvels - "Jungle Of Twang"

4. The Volcanos - "Finish Line Fever"

5. The Tormentos- Grab Your Board!

6. The Huntington Cads- "Introduce The New Sound"

7. The Cavernarios- Camino  a  Varadero

8. Hushky and the sandmen - Ridin´the wild surf

9. The Golden Zombies- 24 kilate Sound

10. Chewbacca´s - 5000 light years away from digit zero


Revival Album Top 10

1. Cuatro gangsters 4 - I smell the fear I feel the pain 

2. Los Pegajosos - "Acido Surfirico" 

3. Link Wray - "Jack the Ripper"

4. culebra & thee evolution surf school - olas


5. The phantom surfers -Poison clam- 

6. the tormentos -Il diavolo in corpo-

7. el ray - car hire from hell- 

8. husky and the sandmen -shadowland- 

9. Búfalos d agua -pacific hell- 

10. the dynotones - R.I.P tide

11. los kahunas -blue vodoo- the 

12. the eliminators boneyard- 

13. los Protones  -la hija del diablo

Halloween Top 13

Show: A Huevo!

Airs: Sundays 8AM PST / 10AM CST / 11AM EST / 17:00 CET

Reruns: Thursdays 9PM PST / 11PM CST / midnight EST

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