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DJ Jonpaul is the bassist of "Planet Earth's Longest Running Modern Surf Band," Insect Surfers and 21st-century Exotica ensemble The Tikiyaki Orchestra. He has performed with numerous other highly regarded Surf artists including The Ghastly Ones, John Blair, The Boardwalkers, Surfer Joe, Threesome, Paul Johnson, The Disasternauts, 3 Balls of Fire, and many others. As a fanatic fan, collector, researcher and journalist, his writing, photography and design have appeared across a wide array of media including books, magazines, posters, CD booklets and more. Along with his duties for North Sea Surf Radio, which include acting as Music Director of the second revival, he is the host of the weekly 2 hour Surf instrumental radio program "Fiberglass Jungle" in Los Angeles. Jonpaul is also currently working on a long-term book project covering the Surf revival.


01. The Space Cossacks - "The Apes of Wrath"

02. Los Straitjackets - "Tailspin"

03. The Surftones - "Cecilia Ann"

04. Insect Surfers - "Polaris"

05. Satan’s Pilgrims - "Que Honda"

06. Man or Astro-Man? - "Eric Estrotica"

07. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet -

        "Having an Average Weekend”

08. The Ghastly Ones - "Ghastly Stomp"

09. Laika & The Cosmonauts - "A Night in Tunisia"

10. The Fathoms - "Getaway Car"

11. The Blue Hawaiians - "The Last Days of Summer"

12. The Treble Spankers - "Mirananda"

13. Slacktone - "The Bells of St. Kahuna"

14. Jon & The Nightriders - "Rumble At Waikiki"

15. The Penetrators - "Deception Bay" 


1. Dick Dale & His Del Tones - "Misirlou"

2. The Astronauts "Baja'"

3. The Chantays "Pipeline"

4. The Fender IV "Mar Gaya"

5. The Trashmen "Malaguena"

6. Eddie And The Showmen "Mr. Rebel"

7. The Atlantics "Bombora"

8. The Original Surfaris "Surfari"

9. The Original Surfaris "Moment Of Truth"

10. The Lively Ones "Tranquilizer/High Tide"

11. Dick Dale & His Del Tones - "The Wedge"

12. The Pyramids "Bikini Drag"

13. The Astronauts "Surf Party'"

14. The Fender IV "Everybody Up"

15. The Ventures "Journey To The Stars"

Surf Revival Top 15

Classic Surf Top 15

1. Insect Surfers - "Reverb Sun"

2. The Fathoms – "Fathomless"

3. Satan Pilgrims – "At Home"

4. Laika & The Cosmonauts - "Instruments Of Terror"

5. The Huntington Cads – "Go Exotic!"

6. The Treble Spankers - "Araban"

7. Jon & The Nightriders – "Surf Beat '80"

8. The Blue Hawaiians - "Live At The Lava Lounge"

9. The Penetrators - "Locked & Loaded"

10. Man Or Astro-Man? – "Is it..."

Revival Album Top 10

1. Laika and the Cosmonauts - "Fear"

2. The Moontrekkers - "Night of the Vampire"

3. The Frantics - "Werewolf"

4. Fifty Foot Combo "Evil Walks In"

5. Laika and the Cosmonauts - "Psyko"

6. The Fathoms - The Haunted Shore"

7. The Ghouls - "Dracula's Theme"

8. Tremolo Wankers "Devil's Ride"

9. Satan's Pilgrims - "Haunted House of Rock"

10. Tremolo Beer Gut - Evilvis

11. The Coffin Daggers "Spooky"

12. The Bomboras - "A Fistful of Terror"

13. Burt Rocket - "Horror Peak"

Halloween Top 13

Show: Surf Guitar 101   (Weekly)

Airs: Sundays 10AM PST / noon CST / 1PM EST / 19:00 CET

Rerun: Sundays 6PM PST / 8PM CST / 9PM EST


Jonpaul is the major voice of the countdown shows on NSSR, together with DJ Phantom.

Show: Crossing Borders   (Monthly)

Airs: Friday Nights 10PM PST / Midnight CST / 1AM EST / 23:00 CET

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