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In September 2013 when we launched North Sea Surf Radio we started with a DJ team of 7 members. The past years lots of new people from the surf music scene have joined us and we are currently with a team of 19 DJ's at North Sea Surf Radio. All these people are talented volunteers that have a huge knowledge of Surf Music. The biggest joint effort our DJ team has made so far was the Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2015 LIVE broadcast where ten of our DJ's joined forces making 24 hours of historic LIVE radio. Here's that team on the main stage of the Surfer Joe Summer festival together with Lorenzo Surfer Joe, the founder of this amazing festival and former North Sea Surf Radio DJ.

Front row - from left to right:
Carlos Yela (former NSSR DJ)
Caleb Pilgrim (DJ "A Huevo!")
Eddy Luca (Music Director / DJ "The Fantastic Five")
Lorenzo Valdambrini (Founder Surfer Joe Festival)
Reverendo (DJ "El Rompeolas")

Back row - from left to right:
Mike Surf (DJ "Green Cookie Beach")
Jonpaul (Music Director / DJ "Surf Guitar 101")
Phantom (Founder North Sea Surf Radio)
Django Deadman (DJ "Hangnine FM")
Ralf Kilauea (DJ "The Fantastic Five")
Big Tikidude (DJ "Tube City)

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