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Jorge "Bumper" starts playin' guitar at the age of 15 in the 70's when punk era and music from de 80's starts arriving in Spain . He Plays in differents bands and works many years on a 80's R'n'R-Garage band called The BUMPERS . In 2008 starts new project with The PANTERAS. Organizer of VALLASURF FESTIVAL.

El Bumper

Halloween Top 13

Revival Album Top 10

1. Los Straitjackets-Theme from Halloween

2. The Mysterons-the Gristler

3. the Ghastly ones-Shockmonster Stomp

4. Satan's Pilgrims-Vampiro

5. the Creepniks-Zombie Stomp

6. Coffin wheels- Leatherface Sentimental

7. Golden zombies-Creepy Conga

8. Messer Chups-Dracula hates Photoshoots

9. Necronomikids-Blood of kingu

10. Dr Frankestein-Ghost City

11. Said the Ripper-Shadow alley

12. The Phantomatics-She left her brain at the drive in

13. Gein and the graverobbers-Hot rod Horror

01-Jon and the nightriders-Live at the Wishkey a Go Go

02-the Barbwires with the blue ocean orchestra- Searider

03-Los Coronas-Caliente Caliente 

04-Bambi molesters-As the dark wave swells 

05-Slacktone - Into the blue sparkle 

06-the Nebulas-Nebula one

07-the Fathoms-Overboard 

08-the Coffin Daggers-Same 

09-Twang Marvels-Guitars in orbit

10-Langhorns-Mission Exotica 

01. The Ventures - Pipeline

02. The Centurions - Bullwinkle Pt II

03. Eddie & the Showmen - Squad car

04. the Super Stocks - Midnight run

05. the Ventures - Spudnik

06. The Original Surfaris - Failsafe

07. The Crossfires - Fiberglass Jungle

08. Tandems - the Rising surf

09. the Surfaris - Bombora

10. The Bel-Airs - Mr. Moto

11. The Challengers - Banzai Washout

12. Dave Meyers and the  Surftones - Moment of Truth

13. The Pyramids - Pressure

14. The Challengers - Cruel Sea

15. Dick Dale & the Del-tones - the Wedge

Classic Surf Top 15

Top 15 will be announced on November 16th

during his Surf Revival Special in his show

"Pisuerga Beach".

Surf Revival Top 15

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