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El Twang is a guitar player from the Copenhagen based band El Ray which he co-founded back in 2001. He likes to play Mosrite, Gretsch and Danelectro guitars and has since 2010 been endorsed by E.F.Elliott guitars. Not your typical Fender guitar guy here. Link Wray and The Ventures are ol’school favorites, and yes of course, Dick Dale for President! He likes his modern surf’n’instro to be served with excellent melody and rhythm and not necessarily that classic 1st wave sound. 

El Twang will do a monthly show with fellow El Ray guitar player El Firetone as a part of the The Fantastic Five.

El Twang

Surf Revival Top 15

Classic Surf Top 10

Revival Album Top 10

1.Dick Dale and his Del Tones - Miserlou

2. Link Wray - Jack The Ripper

3. The Trashmen - Malaguena

4. The Ventures - Out of Limits

5. Sandy Nelson - Casbah

6. Yuzo Kayama - Black Sand Beach

7. The Ventures - I Like It Like That

8. The Sentinals - Latin’la

9. Eddie & The Showmen - Squad car

10.The Pyramids - Penetration

1. Man Or Astro-Man? – "Is it..."

2. Slacktone - "Into the Blue Sparkle"

3. Y Niwl - “Y Niwl”

4. Satan’s Pilgrims - “At Home With”

5. The Bambi Molesters - "Sonic Bullets 13 from the Hip"

6. The Tremolo Beer Gut - “Under The Influence Of”

7. Langhorns - "Mission Exotica"

8. The Phantom Four - “Morgana”

9. Messer Chups - “Heretic Channel”

10. Los Venturas - "Kaleidoskop"

to be announced soon

Show: The Fantastic Five (Monthly)

Airs: Sundays 2PM PST / 4PM CST / 5PM EST / 23:00 CET

Reruns: Wednesdays 8PM PST / 10PM CST / 11PM EST

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