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Halloween schedule

This weekend we will have three days of Halloween at North Sea Surf Radio. You will get four chances to listen to the Halloween Top 66 and three chances to listen to 10 different DJ Shows (two of them "The Number of the Beast" are a rerun of two non stop mixes by DJ Jonpaul from 2013).

On Saturday and Sunday there will be one run:

This is the first Halloween Monday run:

And this is the Halloween rerun with a slightly different order:

We will publish the results of the Halloween Top 66 after the rerun on Halloween, we don't want to spoil the fun for those listening to the fourth and final broadcast of the list.

As you might notice the rerun times of Sunday and Monday are diffrent from Saturday. This is because Saturday night we are moving out of Day Saving Time in The Netherlands and most countries like the US do that one week later.

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