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Mz Siren's time is split between a small fishing town called Hastings on the South East coast of England and her secret lab drifting in space from where she broadcasts Surf Shot. She is the bass player in The Sine Waves and Thee Jezebels. 

She also co-promotes The Fratcave with her partner Project X from The Sine Waves, they try to ensure visiting European surf and garage bands stop off at Hastings and entertain the locals at their monthly shindig.


Mz Siren

Revival Album Top 10

1. The Astronauts Baja

2. The Original Surfaris Bombara

3. The Surfaris Storm Surf

4. The Astronauts Movin

5. The Fender lV Mar Gaya

6. The Chantays Pipeline

7. The Pyramids Penetration

8. The Shadows Man of Mystery

9. Dick Dale The Victor

10. The Surfaris Point Panic

11. Link Wray Rumble

12. The Bel Airs Mr Moto

13. The Astronauts Surf Party

14. The Marketts Outer Limits 

15. The Moontrekkers Night of the Vampire


Classic Surf Top 15

To be presented in her show soon

Surf Revival Top 15

To be presented in Album special on August 29th

Show: Surf Shot (weekly)

Airs: Saturdays noon PST / 2PM CST / 3PM EST / 21:00 CET

Reruns: Mondays 6PM PST / 8PM CST / 9PM EST

Show: The Countdown Clash (monthly)

Airs: Sundays 11AM PST / 1PM CST / 2PM EST / 20:00 CET

Reruns: Tuesdays 8PM PST / 10PM CST / 11PM EST

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