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The North Sea Surf Society is a Non Profit Voluntary Association with a goal to promote surf music worldwide and mobilize and connect the global surf music community. All members of the North Sea Surf Society are active members of the surf community that have a professional record inside the surf music scene for at least 10 years. Members include dj's, journalists, bloggers, bookers, promoters, label owners and bandmembers with a long working history inside the (local or global) surf music scene. Membership is acquired on invitation by the Members of the Board and cannot be applied for. The constitution of the NSSS has been determined in a attempt to represent the worldwide surf community in the best possible way using visitor and listener statistics of North Sea Surf Radio to divide the 100 seats.


The Members of the Board annually appoint four members of the NSSS as Members of the Music Comittee and four members as Members of the Award Comittee for the period of one year. The task of the Music Comittee is to filter surf music releases that are being served to all members of the NSSS in order to compile the monthly North Sea Surf Charts. The task of the Award Comittee is to democratically compile a list of nominees for the annual North Sea Surf Awards. All members of the NSSS vote monthly for the North Sea Surf Charts and anually for the North Sea Surf Awards.

North Sea Surf Society

Members of the Board

Music Comittee

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