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Ralf Kilauea, a true magmanautic surf guitarist, born out off the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii, now situated in Berlin, Germany. Founder and guitarist of the german surf band "The Kilaueas!". He likes to test and play nearly all guitars and amps he can find, always on the hunt for THE surf tone!

Musical collaborations with "Lorenzo Surfer Joe" and 60`s garage punk band "Curlee Wurlee", which he left this year. 

Ralf Kilauea

Revival Album Top 10

1. The Bambi Molesters -  "Dumb Loud Hollow Twang"

2. The Saboteurs -  Espionage Garage

3. The Fathoms – "Fathomless"

4. The Space Cossacks - "Interstellar Stomp"

5. Metalunas - "X- Minus One"

6. El Ray - "Tik Tik Tik"

7. The Kilaueas - "Profesor Volcanova"

8. The Surfites - "Big Pounder"

9. The Looney Tunes - Moderns sounds of…

10. The Bomboras - Head Shrinking Fun 

1. The Marketts: Out of limits

2. The Pyramids: Bkini Drag

3. The New Dimensions: Cat on a hot foam board

4. The New Dimensions: Failsafe

5. The Fender IV: Malibu Run

6. The Fender IV: Everybody Up

7. Yuzo Kayama: Black Sand Beach

8. Phantoms: XL3

9. Avengers VI: Good Humor Stomp

10. The Centurions: Bullwinkle pt.II

11. Bobby Fuller Four: Our favourite martian

12. The Surf Teens: Moment Of Truth
13. The Original Surfaris: Bombora

14. The Original Surfaris: Surfari

15. Irridescents: Bali Ha

Classic Surf Top 15

Ralf's Top 15 will be announced coming weekend during his Surf Revival Special.

Surf Revival Top 15

Show: The Fantastic Five (Monthly)

Airs: Sundays 2PM PST / 4PM CST / 5PM EST / 23:00 CET

Reruns: Wednesdays 8PM PST / 10PM CST / 11PM EST

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