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“The surfing bug bit Kilian 'SanchoPansen' Gilberg way back in the 90s, right before the 'Pulp Fiction' revival. One of the first bands that caught his attention were Man or Astroman? and as he already played guitar, he was simply stoked by 'that sound'. After starting to collect every bit of surf music he could gather in south Germany, he soon started his own surf project called Spy vs. Spy, playing mainly spy based themes.

Several years later he also formed the surf band The Hicadoolas, focusing mainly on non-instro surf stuff (no kidding). Being a corksniffing reverb junkie, he held a seminar at the Surfer Joe Festival in 2015, presenting tons of cool reverb pedals and tanks.”

Sancho Pansen

Surf Revival Top 15

Classic Surf Top 15

Revival Album Top 10

1. The Fender IV - "Mar Gaya"

2. Emy Jackson - "Crying In A Storm"

3. The Trashmen - "Malaguena"

4. Eddie And The Showmen - "Dark Eyes"

5. The Original Surfaris - "Exotic"

6. The Astronauts - "Kuk"

7. Jim Messina & The Jesters - "The Jester"

8. Dave & The Customs - "Ali Baba"

9. The Astronauts - "Devil Driver"

10. Eddie And The Showmen - "Squad car"

11. The Bel-Airs - "Mr. Moto"

12. The Ventures "Journey To The Stars"

13. The Trashmen - "King Of The Surf"

14. Pyramids - "Penetration"

15. The Fender IV - "Everybody Up"

1. Richie Allen & The Pacific Surfers - "The Rising Surf"

2. Man or Astro-Man? - "Television Fission"

3. The Madeira - "Carpe Noctem"

4. Untamed Youth - "Surfin' man"

5. Satan's Pilgrims "The Godfather"

6. The Ghastly Ones - "Attack of Robot Atomico"

7. Los Straitjackets - "Casbah"

8. Southern Culture On The Skids - "The Wet Spot"

9. Satan's Pilgrims - "Haunted House Of Rock"

10. The Phantom Surfers - "Yozora no Hoshi"

11. The Madeira - "Tribal Fury"

12. Deadbolt - "Mc Gortsy"

13. The Tiki Tiki Bamboooos - "Night of Tiki"

14. Man or Astro-Man? - "Antimatter Man"

15. Daikaiju - "Zombie Harem"


To be announced in his show "Ten Tons Of Wet" on Saturday August 29th

Show: Ten Tons Of Wet

Airs: Saturdays 2PM PST / 4PM CST / 5PM EST / 23:00 CET

Rerun: Mondays 8PM PST / 10PM CST / 11PM EST

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